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Realities - Time Travel

Petrene Soames

Multi-Dimensions and Realities - Time Travel... Going beyond the limitations of our own self!

Time travel is a reality and a fact. We can go forward in time and bring back to the here and now blueprints of upcoming technologies and discoveries. Why don't scientists and researchers use these techniques is certainly the real question after all. Enter the world of timelessness and multi-dimensional realities and discover your real self with Digression.

Petrene's unique and profound insights are drawn from every realm of human sciences and studies and are not locked or blinded by any one doctrine. "I bring the next step," says Petrene and she invites you to go beyond.

Get your audience to really listen and talk!

Call 281-363-9983 today to interview one of the most amazing psychics and paranormal experts you'll ever meet. She is guaranteed to get your listeners jamming your phone lines and raise your ratings!

See below for many shows ideas and suggestions...

Perception of reality:

  • What is the self? Who and what are we really? What is reality as we perceive it? Are limitations only the one that we bringing to our own self? Petrene will show your audience how to move beyond these limitations and discover their amazing being.
  • Time Travel: Progression, Regression and Digression Do you know the types of experience that are out there available to you? Go backwards and Forward in time or expereince timelessness with multi-dimensional lives. Find out how the use of these cutting edge techniques can also help you in your everyday life.
  • A look at the future... 50 years, 100 years, 200 years form now. Join Petrene Soames in a trip to fast forward the future. Where are we heading? Look at the future of Medecine, Science, Technology and our own civilization...
  • Experience the future and report it to your audience... Petrene Soames invites you - Reporter or Show host - to go forward in time a few days or weeks ahead and report the news before they even happen. [See News Release here].

Amazing tips that will blow your audience's mind!

Experience the future and multi-dimensions at home:

  • The Magic Mirror... Petrene will show listeners how they can experience time travel at home. Get your audience involved. They'll be lining up to share their experiences!
  • Aliens - Abductions - Other Lives and Realities. Who are you being now? Petrene Soames' fascinating insights about the Alien Reality and how we relate with it is a must hear for anyone interested in this subject.
  • Out of Body Experiences... Walk-Ins...Reality, Diversity and Everything in between. Take a look at extreme dissassociation cases.

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