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Petrene Soames

Welcome to the world of Petrene Soames, where the paranormal, bizarre and unusual is every day!

Talk to Petrene about some of her own amazing experiences or find out how your listeners can develop their own abilities and have wild, weird and wonderful experiences today.

Petrene's unique and profound insights are drawn from every realm of human sciences and studies and are not locked or blinded by any one doctrine. "I bring the next step," says Petrene and she invites you to go beyond.

Get your audience to really listen and talk!

Call 281-363-9983 today to interview one of the most amazing psychics and paranormal experts you'll ever meet. She is guaranteed to get your listeners jamming your phone lines and raise your ratings!

See below for many shows ideas and suggestions...

Psychics and Psychic Readings:

  • Rip off Psychics: what are the classic scenarios and how to protect yourself from these unscrupulous individuals...
  • How to choose the right psychic reading and what to expect...
  • Getting ready for a great psychic reading...
  • Listeners Call-ins... Questions from your listeners anwered... [Listen to Demo here]

Mind Boggling talks about the Paranormal:

  • Abnormal, Paranormal, Strange, Unusual... Petrene can bring her amazing insights to any situation, experience or event. Makes a great call-in show!
  • Psychic Realities: how to open doors to paranormal worlds by breaking everyday patterns... Simple advice that everyone can use.
  • Inside the mind of a Psychic... How does the mind of a World Top Psychic like Petrene Soames work? How does she receive the information? Where does she find it? How does she physically see us and the world around us? A fascinating conversation that will change your perception of life forever!
  • Psychic and Healing abilities: We've all been told that we each have Psychic and Healing abilities. But what do we need to do to bring out and use these facets of ourselves. Free giveaways to listeners.
  • strong>Can anyone predict the future? Predictions, Prophecies, Crystal Balls, Tarot Cards, Astrology, andother tools: how accurate are they really? How does it all work?
  • Telepathy: How to communicate with infants, animals, spirits and other entities using telepathy?

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