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Alternative Health - Self-Healing

Petrene Soames

Despite billions of dollars spent in research and new products, our health has not improved!

Every year, 204,000 Americans die after taking pharmaceutical products, making the use of prescription drugs the third leading cause of death in the USA after heart disease and cancer.

Natural products such as herbs, vitamins and supplements cannot be guaranteed to be 100% safe. In fact mounting evidence suggests that an increasing number of Americans are becoming ill even dying after taking these products.

More and more, Sciences and Medicine are recognizing the mind and body connection. Self-healing is rapidly becoming is hot subject and Petrene Soames believes it is the next step and answer to our current health care chaos.

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Topics and suggestions:

  • Healing yourself without pharmaceutical or natural products: can it really work? True stories of people who successfully used self-healing...
  • What is self-healing? How does it work?
  • Healing demonstration live on Television!
  • Listeners call-ins: Health and healing assessments.
  • How to clear yourself from pain, fear, anger and trauma?
  • No one ever just gets ill. There is always a root cause. Petrene Soames shows how to find your own answers and heal.
  • Are you accident prone? What are your mind and and emotions telling you and how to break the cycle?
  • Insomnia: self-healing tips on how to get a good night sleep the natural way and the importance of letting go...
  • What can you do to start overcoming obsessions and phobias, and how to pinpoint the root causes?
  • Are you keeping yourself heal?
  • How can you help your pets with self-healing?
  • Petrene Soames helps listeners and viewers pinpoint the root causes of their illness or imbablance and show them how to use self-healing to heal the whole-self...

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