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The Everyday - Relationships - Luck - Birthdays - Etc.

Petrene Soames

Let Petrene Soames delight your listeners and viewers by discussing the everyday topics that we all want to talk about.

Petrene Soames has been guiding and inspiring people worldwide for over twenty years to go beyond their own limitations and change their lives in countless positive ways.

Petrene's unique insights have become legendary. Petrene Soames is a professional therapist and uses her own cutting edge techniques.

Get your audience to really listen and talk!

Call 281-363-9983 today to interview one of the most amazing psychics and paranormal experts you'll ever meet. She is guaranteed to get your listeners jamming your phone lines and raise your ratings!

See below for many shows ideas and suggestions...

Topics and suggestions:

  • Find out why birthdays are so special and the importance of celebrating you!
  • Relationships and Communication. Do soulmates exist? How can we get through and communicate when there is anger, fear and other deep emotions blocking our way?
  • What does "living" really mean? Living consciously and the difference it can make to our lives...
  • The future: Yes we can create it! And we can change it! The future is not fixed in the way we once believed. What can you do to change yours?
  • Color and touch: Just how important are these two basics in our lives? How can we use them to get the most out of our everyday expereinces and beyond?
  • Good and Bad Luck: Does it really exist? Petrene looks at the myths and the magic...
  • Sex: The roles that we play, the dissatisfaction we feel and why masturbation is good for you.
  • Let's get real! Escaping from all the roles that we play and finally finding ourselves...

Children - Growing up:

  • How to survive our parents and find real love and balance in our lives?
  • Answering the questions your children ask in the most truthful and rewarding way...
  • Children are people too! 10 different ways not to forget!
  • Handling our children's behavioural problems beyond medication...

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