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Petrene Soames

Nothing is ever only as it seems. What's really going on besides what's in the news?

Petrene Soames won't fail to enthrall your listeners or viewers with her insights and angles on what's really happening in the news and going on behind the scenes?

Petrene brings her unique mixture of awareness, insight and a good long look at the bigger picture.


Beware, Petrene could easily bring your show to Top Ratings and the Top News Too!


Call 281-363-9983 today to interview one of the most amazing psychics and paranormal experts you'll ever meet. She is guaranteed to get your listeners jamming your phone lines and raise your ratings!

See below for many shows ideas and suggestions...

Going beyond the surface of Current News and Events:

  • Revealing the hidden truth... We are all too familiar with the traditional "body language" comments and assumptions brought up after an interview or a conference press. But what about bringing to the surface what is being thought and hidden to the eye. Petrene Soames is a top psychic that can tune in to anyone, anywhere. Get real insights about the current news and bring to your audience facts weeks, even months ahead of any other mass media discovery and revelations.

Your audience wants more that just superficial facts.
Get the only guest who can bring them what they want!

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