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After Life - Ghosts - Mediumship

Petrene Soames

Welcome to the world of Petrene Soames, where the paranormal, bizarre and unusual is indeed very normal!

Go beyond the fear of the unknown and discover how the realization of the after-life can and will bring you and your audience a complete new perspective of life itself. After talking with Petrene, one might wonder: is there life before death?

Petrene's unique and profound insights are drawn from every realm of human sciences and studies and are not locked or blinded by any one doctrine. "I bring the next step," says Petrene and she invites you to go beyond.

Get your audience to really listen and talk!

Call 281-363-9983 today to interview one of the most amazing psychics and paranormal experts you'll ever meet. She is guaranteed to get your listeners jamming your phone lines and raise your ratings!

See below for many shows ideas and suggestions...

Beyond the Grave:

  • Contacting pass-on personalities: Whatever question you have about your favorite celebrity, from politicians and rock stars to historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, Petrene Soames will provide the answer. If you've looking for a special treat and a very special show, Petrene is a must-have guest... [See Press Release]
  • 50 volunteers live their death and go beyond: How 50 volunteers went ahead in time with Progression Therapy, experienced their own death, found what the after-life was really like and came backl to share their stories... [See Press Release]
  • Haunted treasures: Have your own live sceance on the air at your most haunted building... See what happened in Houston when Petrene Soames was invited to release Houston's most haunted place from the presence of multiple entities.

Talks beyond the Grave!

Fascinating talks about the after life:

  • Ghosts, Spirits and Haunting... Get your audience mesmerized with Petrene's ghosts stories and get your listeners to participate with their own weird and wonderful experiences. Get the answers that everyone is seeking about everything that goes bump in the night.
  • Death and Mediumship: Communicating with the dead and the unborn. How does it really work? Can we all get messages from beyond? How does Petrene communicate with the dead and bring the information back to you?
  • Choosing your own death... Yes you can chose your own death? But how can we do that and what's the point? This enthralling conversation with Petrene will change the way you perceive life itself forever!

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